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indigowombat's Journal

The Indigo Wombat
27 October 1973
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I'm a polyamorous autistic with a disabling anxiety disorder and delusions of grandeur. I'm a pretty wacky guy, very much an individualist, pretty publicly open about who I am and what I'm doing when I'm not curled up in a ball hiding from the world... actually, I'm pretty open about when I'm doing that, too, but doing that doesn't involve actual interaction, so... anyway. :) I try to see the positive in life. I'm into physics and philosophy, science and spirituality. Mainly I'm just trying to figure out Life. :)
abstractions, acceptance, accuracy, analysis, anxiety, archetypes, asperger's syndrome, auras, ballroom dance, board games, boobies, books, brains, brainteasers, card games, chakras, challenges, chess, clairvoyance, closure, comfort, comics, communication, compassion, compersion, complexity, computers, concepts, diet coke, dimensions, directness, diversity, douglas adams, electromagnetism, energy, enlightenment, epic fantasy, epiphanies, eternity, exhibitionism, existence, forces, games, general relativity, gravity, hadrons, hypercubes, idealism, ideas, inclusiveness, individuality, insight, inspiration, integration, intellect, intention, intricacy, introspection, introversion, introverts, intuition, joss whedon, leptons, light, logic, lojban, lord of the rings, love, math, matter, meditation, metacognition, minds, myself, navel gazing, neurodiversity, neuropride, nudity, numbers, oneness, openness, opposites, paradoxes, paratheatre, patterns, personal growth, philosophy, physics, platonism, poker, polyamory, popcorn, porn, positivity, princess bride, programming, puns, puzzles, quantum physics, quarks, reality, recursion, relativity, robert jordan, robin hobb, rubik's cube, science, science fiction, self-reference, sex, solutions, space, spacetime continuum, special relativity, spirit, spirituality, stories, strong nuclear force, structure, superheroes, synchronicity, thoughts, time, time travel, tolerance, transcendence, truth, understanding, unity, universe, vocabulary, wackiness, weak nuclear force, weird al, wholeness, wordplay, words