The Indigo Wombat (indigowombat) wrote,
The Indigo Wombat


Okay, I'm about ready to start using this thing again. This is more of just a quick notice to that effect, rather than the start of truly regular posting. But I just realized I'm about ready, and seeing as how it's still the first day of the year for a few more minutes, it seemed appropriate to make a quick post about that now.

It's possible I'll start posting regularly in a couple weeks or so, or even a couple days or so if I really feel moved to, but it's more likely to be a month or two before I start really returning to my online presence. Right now my priority is starting up with my new mental health services.

Things have been stagnant, but are beginning to improve, and I'm ready to start making a concerted effort to turn things around and become a more active person again and participate in society, at least in some way. My goal is to be functional enough to move back to Davis, California, and reintegrate into my existing social network there, in 6 to 18 months.

Thanks to all those who've given their thoughts, time, cares and prayers to me over the years. It's been appreciated more than I have the capacity to express.

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